Emergency Response Training (SERT)

Responding to Disasters, Crises, and Emergencies

Serving alongside those who serve

Police • Firemen • Medical Personnel • Military

Search & Rescue Training


Sert Academy


A 4-Day Class training your employees or church attendees how to respond to a natural or man-made disaster.


Training – $60.00 Per Person, Per Class



Fire Training


Class One; CPR and First Aid 

Learn the basics of CPR and First Aid from a certified instructor.

Class Two; Ministering in the Disaster Environment Part 1

Learn the skills necessary to serve in a disaster, understanding incident command.

Class Three; Ministering in the Disaster Environment Part 2

Learn the essentials of crucial incident stress management & biblical counseling for victims.

Class Four; Nuts & Bolts of Deployment

Learn the hands on skills needed for disaster response, running a respite center, operating equipment and search and rescue.

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