About Us

We are a Christian Disaster Response Ministry headquartered in southern California. Our board is made up of Pastors, Chaplains, retired Police Officers and Firefighters, ex-employees of city government and business, medical personnel and current military personnel. These talented individuals specialize in areas of expertise such as chain of command, critical incident stress management, fire suppression, search and rescue, disaster operations and food services, water rescue, CPR & first aid, law enforcement, counseling and instruction. These qualified instructors help teach our 32 hour Servant Emergency Response Team academy; for church members who are interested in being a part of our ministry. EMS has responded to over 25 disasters throughout the United States and 5 foreign countries, and deployed over 100 trained individuals from 12 churches.



Hurricanes and Tornados                               

EMS has responded to Hurricanes in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky and Oklahoma. Our teams performed search and rescue, bio-hazard clean-up, food services, and encouraged other rescue personnel, and church members.



Tsunami Response

EMS has responded to the countries of American Samoa and the Philippine islands offering counseling and care to victims of Tsunamis and the flood waters that followed. In both locations whole towns and villages were destroyed, and many victims lost their lives. Our teams comforted the victims, distributed food and blankets, provided construction services to residents whose properties suffered damage, and shared the love of Christ and through prayer.



EMS has responded to 7 disastrous fires in San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles County; and in 2012 traveled to Colorado. Our teams provided food services, search and clean up operations, erected a respite center for firefighters and law Enforcement, and offered prayer for residents and victims.



EMS traveled to the Caribbean island of Haiti 5 times following the devastating earthquake of 2009. Our ministry sent 80 individuals from 10 southern California churches; to provide construction teams, medical services, training in disaster education, CISM, children’s ministry, and distribution of clothing and needed food supplies. EMS also helped sponsor a Pastors training seminar in Port-Au-Prince for 120 pastors who has suffered loss in the earthquake.



EMS has responded to shootings in Colorado, Arizona, Connecticut, and Missouri. The ministry provided resources in Critical Incident Stress management, debriefed victims and counseled and rode with law enforcement personnel.



Terrorist Attacks

EMS President Rick Yeomans responded to New York following the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Two years later Rick returned to New York to research the effectiveness of Chaplains ministry following the attacks; he would write his Masters thesis on the subject.


Clarksville flood boat in street


 EMS responded to the flooding of the Mississippi river in the small town of Clarksville. The team members assisted the mayors’ office in their operation center, worked alongside the National Guard, and delivered food and supplies to stranded residents. Additionally, we have responded to Wimberley, Texas during the Blanco River floods.

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