Board Members



Richard C. Yeomans; MMPS

Chief & President

Founder of EMS in 2007

Veteran Pastor, Chaplain & Disaster Responder-23 years as a Patrol Chaplain with San Clemente PO, Orange County Sheriffs Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Red Cross Spiritual Care in Aviation Incident Response, CERT, Terrorist Liaison Officer-OCIAC. Deployed to New York following 9/11 Attacks, Hurricane Katrina; Shootings in Arvada, Colorado. Colorado Springs; American Samoa-Tsunami; Fires in S. California; Conway County, Arkansas-Tornado; Jamaica Beach, Texas-Hurricane; Fires in San Diego County; Shootings in Tucson, Arizona; Fires in Yorba linda, California; Floods in Clarksville, Missouri; Hurricane in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti; Fires in los Angeles County, California; Tornado, West Liberty, Kentucky; Tsunami in Japan; Tsunami in Philippines; Shooting in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, Fires in San Marcos, California; Shooting in Santa Barbara, California; Shooting in Tyrone, Missouri.


Marcelino Lomeli

EMS Vice President and Director of Communications

Retired from a 35 year management career in municipal government. Attended the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) academy and trained in emergency disaster preparedness. Founding board member of EMS.


Michael “Inspector Gadget” Lopez


Instructor Emergency Ministry Services.

33 years of experience in Search and Rescue,  both ground and air, on the private,  local, state and federal levels. Completed the Federal Emergency Management Agency academy, CERT Instructor and well trained in Disaster Preparedness.


Ben Townsend

US Navy Nuclear Electrician-4years
San Onofre Reactor Licensed operator-33years
CPR & First Aid qualified as well as Hazmat first responder
EMS Board Treasurer
Artemis Defense Institute-18 months of defensive situational awareness and active shooter training.


Scott Nelson

4 years USN Hospital Corpsman, including 13 month combat tour with The USMC. Wounded twice, Purple Heart recipient.
Total of 30 years of fire department service including California Department of Forestry and The Orange County Fire Authority. Member of US&R team including high angle rescue, confined space rescue, swift water rescue certs. Including remote helicopter rescue assignments. Certified Fire service instructor including Life time California State Community College Teaching Credential, Fire Science. Three years code enforcement with peace officer status including Orange County Sheriffs Academy training in the proper use of fire arms and arrest techniques.



Chris Luehe

Board Member/Military Liaison – Currently a Physical Therapist with Capistrano Unified School District. Navy SEAL (reserve status) Commander; retired from active duty in 1983; since then has been deployed to Iraq 2 tours and continues to serve on Joint Special Forces Command Staff. Recently traveled to Jordan with multi-nation Special Ops Task Force.


Talar Moy

Medical – Talar was born and raised in Kurdistan Iraq. She was the main nurse treating severely wounded soldiers in her home country. She also taught field medicine for 3 years as a clinical instructor. In 1995-97 she worked for a NGO in Iraq as a RN physical therapist. In 1997-98 she worked alongside Youth with a Mission in Turkey, Holland and Brazil. Presently Talar works as a RN case manager for Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California. She and her husband, Patrick and her children live in San Clemente.